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port 1 disabled by hub (EMI?), re-enabling and wview weather

Me and a friend recently reinstalled a crashing Windows XP minipc used as weather station with Ubuntu 13.10 server. Since Linux is normally better working than Windows we thought it could be a good move, also because from time to time XP had to be rebooted. We choose wview as management software, as it seems pretty popular.

Sadly the day after installation and configuration we found Ubuntu to be less reliable than before. Well, maybe it wasn’t a Linux fault, it’s probably just more sensitive to some hardware issues. The culprit was found to be EMI (ElectroMagnetic Interference). Syslog showed the following: Continue reading port 1 disabled by hub (EMI?), re-enabling and wview weather

Upgrade to Zimbra 7 and posix extensions

Time ago we switched from Zimbra 6 to Zimbra 7. We run Zimbra with posix and samba extensions, per this wiki page. Just today, upgrading from 7.1.4 to 7.2, I noticed the creation of the virus quarantine account always failed, and our sistem didn’t have that!

This because with posix modifications to LDAP, the traditional zmprov ca won’t work.

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Restore Zimbra from open source backup archives

Last week I (unluckily) had to restore a Zimbra from a backup I took with the script.

While the procedure is pretty simple, there’s no clear statement on how to do it, also because support is given only on the forum post which is pretty long and not easy to scan. Given that typically when you are restoring customers and users are pressing you like hell, having easy restore steps saves you some sweating.

Just for the record, provides a full backup of a Zimbra installation. This means you can restore the full installation, and not like in Network Edition a single mailbox!

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Compiling Zimbra server on Ubuntu 8.04LTS

Last version of Zimbra collaboration, version 6.0.6, had been subject to several delays, which lead to a gap of nearly three weeks since the first proposed release date. These dates are considered target, thus flexible. Normally, I wouldn’t get crazy about release dates. Yes, while you may wish to get your hands on, because it fixes the most annoying but you ever had, you can wait some more days anyway.

But 6.0.6 had several fixes I really needed at some place. And after the second delay, I decided to try to compile Zimbra from source. Brave you think? Me too…

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Set apache2 to proxy Zimbra

In some configurations it’s desirable to share apache2 and Zimbra on the same host. This would mean that either one of the two services shuold run on non-standard port, that is 80 and 443. If this is not an issue,

  • change the ports apache2 is listening to in /etc/apache2/ports.conf
  • change the portz zimbra is listening to using zmprov (zmprov gs zimbraserver zimbraMailPort 81)

But thanks to apache2‘s mod_proxy, you can have both services on the standard web ports.

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Configure PHPMyFAQ for Zimbra LDAP auth

PHPMyFaq is an excellent open source PHP based FAQ software. It helps you or your organization, like our, to keep good documentation, shared, and accessible everywhere.
It provides several functionalities, but the one we use the most is keeping articles and making search very fast and easy.

As every web based software has its own users db, but can also authenticate against an external LDAP directory, like Zimbra.

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Convirt: transform a VM from HVM to PV

We recently reinstalled our main server. It’s a Xen 4.0.1 host, based on Debian Squeeze. We don’t have many VM on it, it’s basically to save some power and have a sandbox for some test installations. Can be useful, quite often.

Instead of using plain CLI tools (xen-tools basically), I decided to give a try to one of the most well known interfaces for Xen: Convirt. Formerly xenman, born some years ago, at some time it moved to a commercial software, with open source base. Can be installed on custom host, as in my case, or downloaded as VM appliance!
Beside all considerations, it’s quite cool, even if I find documentation a bit lacking, the forum has some nice people. Not really as much as I’d like, but useful.

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